Kiddie University has found a way that we can work together with parents and community to open a brand new childcare facility and help solve the critical shortage of quality childcare in Washington, DC, particularly Capitol Hill. The premise will accommodate approximately 60 infant, toddler, and pre-school children.

You now have the first access to reserve your child’s space for this Fall/Winter. Exclusive to waitlist families for a limited time, you have the opportunity to join our tuition buy down program and secure your child’s space in the program now, before spaces are announced to the community. No need to join any more 1 yr+ long waitlists! This program allows us to provide a high quality childcare center and program, without the need to charge outrageous tuition prices:



  • Guaranteed space for your childcare needs as soon as we open
  • Fully Licensed & Regulated Quality childcare for your child(ren).
  • Year round & Reliable Care
  • Experienced & Degreed Teachers
  • Research based Curriculum & Experiences
  • Brand new, Safe and Secure,State of the Art Facility.
  • Parent lounge with private breastfeeding accommodations.

A small investment for such substantial returns!

Here’s how it works:  The more you deposit for your child’s space, the more benefits you receive as shown below:


  • Reserved space
  • Space held for up to 2 weeks (after open date)
  • Tuition Rate of $475/week




  • Reserved Space
  • Space held for 4 weeks (after open date)
  • Tuition Rate of $475/week
  • Tuition always below advertised rate




  • Guaranteed Space
  • Space held for up to 6 weeks
  • Tuition Rate of $475/week
  • Ability to sale your space to another family




Once I complete my enrollment online, is my child's space guaranteed?

Yes & No! Your child’s space is guaranteed with the Preferred Plan along with your start date as soon as the center opens. The enrollment package that you choose determines the guarantee and the length of time that your child’s start date can be pushed back. If you pay a deposit on the enrollment, your child’s space is not guaranteed until you complete the balance of your enrollment fee no later that 30 days after the deposit. Also, if you choose to pay by check, your child’s space is not guaranteed until your check has cleared. If you choose the basic or Enhanced plan, your space is reserved but not guaranteed. This means that if all spaces have been purchased and another family is interested in the Preferred plan, this plan has priority. We will start with the last family to enroll and give the first right to upgrade your plan in order to guarantee your child’s space.

Where is the new location?

The new location at 8th & H st. will be exactly 2 blocks away from our current location at 8th and F st. The address is 806 H St. NE.

How does the deposit option work?

Depending on the enrollment package that you choose, you have the option to pay a deposit of at least 1/2 now and the remaining balance within 30 days (only available for Enhanced and Preferred Enrollment plans). Once deposit is made, you will receive an email with the deposit paid and remaining balance. The email will contain a link to pay your remaining balance. You can also log into your account at any time to pay your remaining balance. If your remaining balance is not paid within the 30 day period, you space may be released to another family. At that time, a refund for the deposit amount paid will be issued back to you.

What is Your Refund Policy?

If for some reason you need to cancel before your child starts, you have the option to sell your enrollment to another family. You will be able to sell your space to another family for the full amount of your enrollment fee only. We will assist and make every effort to find another family for your space.  If you already have a family that needs the space, we will accept that family’s enrollment in replace of your enrollment. Once the space is reserve by another family, at that point we will issue a refund to you for the full amount.

What are the benefits of each Enrollment Plan?

Families who are interested in securing a guaranteed space in the new Kiddie University H Street location will be given the opportunity to secure their space by paying the “Basic” mandatory non- refundable deposit of $750. The market tuition rate that will be charged is $475 per week paid on a bi-weekly basis. You must start your child within 2 weeks of the opening date of the Center.

Families who are interested in keeping tuition lower and assuring that adequate funds are available to provide a clean, secure, attractive facility for the children are encouraged to deposit amounts over and above the mandatory deposit and receive certain benefits in exchange. There are two levels of buy down that are explained below:

An “Enhanced” deposit of $1,500 covers the mandatory deposit and buys down the tuition rate to $450 per week which is a savings of approximately $100 per month. After approximately 7 months, the extra deposit of $750 is returned as a result of the savings. From this point until you leave the Center, you will save approximately $1,200 per year in tuition payments. If you chose this deposit level, your child must start within 4 weeks of the opening date of the Center.

A “Preferred” deposit of $2,500 covers the mandatory deposit and the additional $1,750 deposit buys down the tuition rate to $425 per week, a savings of more than $200 per month throughout the life of your child’s enrollment into the Center. In addition to saving over $2,400 per year, Families who make a “Preferred” deposit may guarantee their space for up to 6 weeks after the center opens.

What does Reserved vs. Guaranteed space mean?

Reserved space means that your child’s space in the program is held. However, the Enhanced Enrollment plan has priority over the Basic and Preferred Enrollment Plan. This means that if a family is interested in the Preferred enrollment plan after all the spaces are reserved but before we open the center, that family will have priority over the reserved space.  We will offer the preferred enrollment plan option to you first. If you would not like to upgrade to the preferred enrollment plan, we will keep your spot reserved at the top of the list for the next available space.

Once the center has opened and your child has started attending, your reserved space becomes permanent and their will be no priority enrollment.

What is your timeline for opening?

We are currently in the permitting process. We expect to have the necessary permits to move forward with the construction by the end of September, hopefully sooner. We plan to begin construction late September or early October. This will take about two months. During construction, we will begin the DC OSSE child care licensing process. We plan to open the center by early to mid January at the very latest. Our goal is to push this along much faster than our timeline in order to open in a timely manner. We will keep all families up to date through email.

With the Preferred Enrollment plan, I can sell my space. How does that work?

Under the preferred enrollment option a family may, at any time while enrolled in our program, sale the space and their current tuition rate to another family at a price of no more than $2,500 or no less than $750. This must be coordinated with the Kiddie University to collect the sale amount and Kiddie University will process the amount of sale and return the difference of the standard enrollment fee of $750 and the sale amount. For example: If you sale your benefits to another family for $2,500, Kiddie University will collect the $2,500 and return the difference (enrollment fee minus tuition buy down) of $1,750 to you. The age of the new child must be compatible to your child’s age.

Will you accept part-time enrollment?

We do not accept part-time enrollment at this time. We do however have drop-in enrollment available on an as needed basis. With drop-in care, you can take advantage of our child care services as you need it for the day. This is available only if there is a space available for that day.

Are we able to take a tour before the center opens?

Yes. We will begin doing tours as soon as construction is complete. We will also have a big grand opening for enrolled parents to come visit and meet the other families that are enrolled in the program. This will take place a week or two before we open. We will notify parents ahead of time with the dates for both tours and the grand opening.

Don’t Wait! Enroll & Reserve your Spot Here!

Space is Limited!


At Kiddie University Capitol Hill, we view our center and classrooms as a small learning community. We utilize the Creative Curriculum which is an extension of our philosophy and goals for the children.


806 H St. NE Washington, DC